Fandom Services

Fandom Services has been helping fans interact with Japanese media for years. Our staff shares a passion for JPOP culture: we love anime, manga, video games, and doujinshi. We believe that all titles deserve a faithful translation. Fandom Services stands out from the crowd because we take the time to research the titles we translate. We're dedicated to giving the media you love the care, attention, and respect it deserves. Our team goes above and beyond to offer our clients business class translations of Japanese popular media. We'd love to work with you on all your fandom-related projects!

Translation Services

With a combined 15 years of experience, we specialize in translating Japanese media: anime, manga, video games, doujinshi, magazine articles, movies, and more.

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Graphical Design Services

Take your print media translation project to the next level. From cleaning, typesetting, vector creation, and logo design, we do it all.

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Digitization Services

We can help you preserve your collection of rare Japanese media by converting them into digital format. Make your collection last a lifetime!

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File Conversion Services

Let us help you read your favorite series on Nook, Kindle, or any other eReader. Watch anime from any portable device. We can make it happen!

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